Viral grandfather 72 years old Body Body Bodybuilder, what is the secret?

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A 72-year-old man in China was suddenly viral because he was not like most people his age. He has a muscular body like bodybuilders. His big muscles also made the public amazed.

Quoted from the World of Buzz page, the grandfather was Xin Min. An interview with Change Production revealed his secret from running a healthy lifestyle.

The activities carried out by which are regulating sleep patterns. Also, get used to getting up early when the sun just started to publish, as he slept at sunset.

He consistently consumed oatmeal, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, and chicken breast for the past ten years for breakfast.

Both were also carried out accompanied by routine exercise; even sports were the most critical activities for him. Every day, one who never forgets morning run, while the movement lifts the burden for one and a half hours in the afternoon.

“The doctor said that I did not look like more than 60 years old. They also said, my bone density looked like 30 years old,” said Yang.

Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired him. Since 1984 he decided to exercise to form the body routinely. What dedicates his life to staying fit is not without achievement.

One of China’s first bodybuilders, who won the Asian competition in 1998. Following the 2015 Arnold Classic USA for the masters of men’s bodybuilding, who won fourth place.

As for now, besides wanting to keep their health and fitness, who also want to become a coach. He is even ambitious to form someone to become a world-class bodybuilder.

“I want to recruit students and dream of forming a world champion,” said Yang.

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