Where Is The Clipboard on LG Android Phones ?

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The Clipboard on LG Android

Where Is The Clipboard on LG Android ? You may ask. This is a very frequent question among LG Android users because many people find it very useful particularly when they’re in the middle of something and need to use their device for a few minutes. The good thing is that the LG Android devices have a built in clipboard feature, but some folks still don’t know where it is. LG has taken the initiative to tackle this issue and made it available on the apparatus. If you’re interested as to where this is, then continue reading.

What Is Clipboard On Android ?

First off, what’s a clipboard on LG apparatus? The easy definition is that it’s a little part of data displayed on the Android device’s screen. It can be a button, a drop down menu, a text box or an image image that you want to display. This tiny utility makes it possible to use the Android device better by providing you with simple access to your most used functions and applications.

How do you get the clipboard? When you tap a program or tap on a button on the display, a translucent window will appear. From here, you may use the handy rectangle tool or double tap to concentrate in an application. To get back to the prior display, simply slide the finger out of the translucent part of the window.

What is the clipboard on LG Android mobiles? As mentioned previously, you’ll be able to see it when you tap on a program on the display or whether you slide your finger on the display to return to the previous page. By tapping one of the icons that are rectangular, you can save the information you are working on into the Clipboard. When you want to paste, just simply push the small arrow button that appears on the monitor. This will send the information which you are working with into the specific program where you want to paste it.

How can you use the Clipboard? Once you’re into a specific application, you might find that the entire screen becomes fuzzy and you cannot see anything. It is possible to use the specific Clear Screen option that is available from the Clipboard tab in Settings. With this feature, you can easily take advantage of the device. Just tap the Clear Screen choice and then select one of those four colors to clear the screen. You can use this attribute to hide undesirable icons, change the font size, and much more.

Clipboard Function

What info can you paste into the Clipboard? You can input any text or some other number of data into the Clipboard. By way of instance, you can enter the name of the person who sent you an email or you may input any address you want to recall. If you want to create a reminder, you can input the number you need to call. The attractiveness of the gadget is you can input whatever information you would like as long as you do not overdo it and the Clipboard will not be redrawn.

What else can you do using all the LG Android phones? Besides typing messages and sending emails, the device permits you to browse through contacts, check the weather, and a lot more. The Internet features built in allows you to surf the Web as though you were on your residence.

When you’re done typing, you can tap on the Clear Screen option to wipe away your work. If you would like to see the message again, simply tap the Clear Screen again.

Where Is The Clipboard on LG Android ?

I’ll show you Where Is The Clipboard on LG Android Phones ?
This guide should be adjusted to the type of LG Android smartphone you have
But this is the same way,

  • Open the message menu
  • Go to Settings On the GBoard
  • Correction Text
  • Show Suggesstion Trip, next click back on home
  • There are the features, this is the clipboard
Is this The Clipboard on LG Android Phones

That’s how to display the clipboard on the LG brand android smartphone. Adjust it to the type of android you have. With these features, you can’t really consider a device that doesn’t let you access different applications. The Android market has truly enhanced. It’s the right time to pick up your smart phone and experience everything it has to offer you.

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