Take a soak with vinegar on your feet and watch what happens !

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Get sweaty feet

Are you suffering from dry, sweaty feet? Sweaty feet can often be a result of bacteria and sweat. Vinegar is a great remedy against bacteria and works well against fungus. Vinegar can be used to combat sweaty feet. You can fight the bacteria and fungal that cause the unpleasant smell by soaking your feet in vinegar. Your sweaty feet will disappear immediately.

Dry feet and cracked heels

Cracked heels and dry feet can not only be unattractive but also very painful. Vinegar is a wonderful remedy for caring for your feet. Vinegar can be used to cleanse your skin. Vinegar has a moisturizing and hydrating effect on your feet. It also helps to ensure that your skin is fully healed. You will notice a difference in the texture of your feet if you give your feet a soak with a little vinegar every day.

How it works

A perfect foot bath is easy to make. For every three glasses warm water, add one glass of apple cider vinegar. Continue this process until you are able to soak your feet in the tub. Allow your feet to soak for approximately 10-30 minutes. After you have finished, rinse and dry your feet thoroughly. Repeat this daily until your symptoms disappear completely.

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