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How To Speed Up Android Phone Without Rooting

How To Speed Up Android Phone Without Rooting – Android has become one of the pioneers of smartphones. This is a huge technological breakthrough. Not only serves as a means of communication and sending messages. But today’s cellphones have very complex functions.

The many functions on Android phones make the working system even bigger. Because of the large number of work systems that are carried out on the Android system. Make android slow sometimes.

This happens on Android which has limited specifications. With more work than specification capabilities.

The slow working system on Android can be caused by several factors. And it can be solved easily by rooting.

But this is not the best solution to speed up the android phone. Because there is a big risk to an android phone if we root it. Therefore, the author will share a method without rooting.

Why Are Android Phones Getting Slow?

1. Many applications run in the background,

One of the things that makes android phones slow is because many applications run on android machines.

Just like a vehicle. If the load is a lot, the road is climbing. It will make the vehicle, it puts out a lot of energy to get to the top.

Just like android, we have to reduce the load that works. Especially for applications that are not needed.
How to do it as follows:

  • Open the HP Settings menu.
  • Enter the Application menu.
  • Tap the Running Apps menu tab.
  • Find an application running in the background, then open it.
  • Next, tap on the Force Stop button.
  • repeat the steps above for other apps that are also running in the background.

2. Internal Memory Full

Full Android phone storage memory. This is the cause of the cellphone being slow. Memory on Android is not the same as memory on a computer. We cannot add or upgrade memory / RAM on android.

Unlike computers, we can upgrade to a higher ram. Because RAM on android is attached to the machine. So replacing RAM is the same as replacing an android machine.

The solution to overcome this is to save most additional applications on external memory.
This can make room for the android phone so that its performance can be optimal.

3. Another way to speed up Android phone without rooting is to take advantage of the speed up feature.

On the latest Android phones, it supports or has a menu feature to speed things up. With this feature, the Android work system will be refreshed.

This feature can be found on the shortcut menu. Usually by dragging the screen from the bottom up. Then there will be several shortcut menus.

4. Clean junk and cache files.

Always pay attention to junk files to maintain system performance. We can do this by using an additional application that functions to clean junk files, notifications that always appear, to delete all data stored in the browser.

We can install the application from the Playstore. Please search for the “clean master” application. Or other.

Without additional applications, we can do this. But that, there are some steps that we must do such as:

  • First, enter the menu, then select “Settings”.
  • Scroll to the “Storage” menu in the settings.
  • Next select “Data Cache” to clean it.
  • If the notification “This will Clear Cached data for all apps?” Appears, select “Ok”
  • Then the deletion will start, and wait for it to finish.

Those are some simple steps you can take how to speed up an Android phone without rooting and without using a cellphone service. Please practice!

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