How To Block a Number on Straight Talk Android

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How To Block A Number On Straight Talk Android

Do you want to know how to block a number on straight talk android ? This is a valuable opportunity for you. This article will present and provide a solution to that question.

Block certain numbers on cellphones, whether Android or iPhone phones. Every user has the opportunity to block. This is a feature that smartphones already have.

But in fact, there are still many who don’t know how to block numbers on Android using straight talk.
In general, the android phone’s working system is almost the same. Whether it comes from a popular brand like Samsung or something else. If you can operate one brand, you can likely operate another brand as well.
As for the steps, there may be a little different. It’s only because the menu names are different. But the goal is the same.

Here we share some number blocking methods on Android phones using Straight Talk.

How to Block a number on a straight talk android phone

Blocking a number on a cell phone is not difficult. Is it android straight talk or not. We can do this by taking advantage of the default features of the cellphone.
Generally, android straight talk is often found on Samsung brand android phones. Maybe other brands also use it. So to solve this question.
We need to multiply 2 methods to block certain numbers as desired.

1. Through the contact menu

Every cellphone has a contact menu. This menu contains numbers that we have previously stored.
The contact menu contains names, address numbers, and other personal information that we can add when inputting data.
To do the blocking, we need to select or display the number. after that, please select the advanced menu which is usually found in the upper or lower right corner.
Please click on the menu until the words “block contact” appears.
Click again, if a confirmation notification appears.

2. Via the Phone menu

Apart from going through the contact menu list. On your Android phone, it is also possible to block annoying numbers via the phone menu.

  1. Please open the phone application on your android straight talk
  2. Click the “more” menu
  3. Switch to setting options,
  4. Then the block number button, add the number to be blocked by clicking the plus icon
  5. Here we can add some numbers which will be blocked as you wish.

3. Via Call Logs

The call log keeps records of incoming and outgoing calls. This is the easiest method to block numbers on android straight talk. Why? because of the number that made the call. Or the annoying numbers to be blocked will be saved in this log.
It will not be deleted as long as we don’t make changes to the settings regarding call logs in the Android settings menu.
By default, android will save incoming numbers. Until we delete it manually.
So, we can easily find the number we want to block so that we can’t call it again.
In a way,

  • Press and hold the number
  • Until the add to blacklist or block contact menu appears
  • After the number is added. Then your android phone will not be able to receive calls and receive text messages from the blocked number.

4. Using third party applications

That is a simple guide but will answer questions to block numbers on android. As for if you are using straight talk cellular, it does not exist yet to block numbers by default.

But there’s no need to worry because the latest cellphones already support it.As for if you are still using a cellphone that does not have features such as the ZTE model that does not have a block number. We can take advantage of third party applications.

There are many applications to block and control calls that we can download via the Google Playstore.
Please do your research and open the Playstore application and find what you think is good. Pay attention to existing reviews.

Some third-party applications are paid. But we can still use it to block calls on the free version.

5. How to block a number on straight talk android lastly is through service providers

If what we mentioned hasn’t been able to solve your question to block numbers on Android using straight talk. You can ask for help from the provider that you are using.
You can do a search on google with the Google format (” block number”).
Later, information will appear that will lead you to find a solution to this problem.

That is the article on how to block numbers on Android Straight Talk that we have written for you. So from this, you can already conclude that you cannot block numbers over the straight talk network. But it’s not a problem, because Android already has that feature.

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