How To Delete Misc Files on Android And Without Application ?

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How to delete misc files on Android apparatus is a very common question among users. Just as most of you are wondering exactly what are these files, I am also wondering the same thing. Well, it’s quite easy to answer the question,”Why do you delete these records in the first place?” This article will briefly explain what are those files and what are their purpose. Reading this article will allow you to understand the importance of owning an android device.

What are misc files ?

So, what are misc documents? M misc is merely a term that stands out for miscellaneous. Thus, what is the goal of deleting these documents in the first place? Well, the solution is straightforward. M misc files will be the ones which don’t belong on your android device. Thus, before you begin deleting themyou have to determine if they’re in fact necessary for your device or not.

How to delete miscellaneous files in your android device? If you want to eliminate any kind of file that is only sitting in your system without any real purpose for your use, you should just eliminate its tap from your storage. There are tons of programs that allow you to uninstall a tap in your own storage but here is what; how can you know if your tap is already uninstalled?

How To Delete Misc Files on Android ?

If you truly want to speed up your apparatus, you should get rid of these files . Luckily, there is a special program that you can use to conduct this task. It’s known as the”strings supervisor”. This tool can locate any miscellaneous things and allow you to delete them from your phone memory. And it even has an option to optimize the memory of the device by clearing out the unused files.

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Delete Misc Files on Android Using Clean Master App

One alternative to deleting the misc file, you are able to make the most of a harmonious clean master application for your own Android smartphone. Generally, the Android smartphone which we use gets the clean master application installed. But if it is not installed, you may download it through the Playstore on your Android smartphone.

Open play store and find clean master in the research field. Later the program in question will appear with a blue box logo and a broom image in the middle of the box.

How To Delete Misc Files on Android

Normally, the program in question will appear first in the search results. Download the program. If it is installed on your smartphone, open the program.

Afterwards you will be taken to the main page of this application.

This program will automatically clean up useless or junk files on your own Android smartphone. This application also provides programs for all those of you who wish to save on smartphone usage.

You just tap or click the text or icon which has a battery saver image. Later this program will automatically turn off the function of software that you seldom use.

How to delete junk / misc files without an application

Without using 3rd party apps from play store, we can delete those junk files. In the following way:

  1. Tap Settings> Storage> Cached Data> Miscellaneous files.
  2. Select the types of Miscellaneous files you wish to delete
  3. Click the trash icon to delete or delete the trash files you want

Should you prefer to take, download, or upload photos or other forms of image files, your smartphone’s operating system will automatically create a minified image from your photographs to speed up image loading.

This may not be an issue for those who have a great deal of internal memory space. However, for middle and low-end smartphone owners, this is quite annoying since it is going to take up a lot of their smartphone’s internal memory room.

This difficulty can be solved by deleting the crap photos periodically. Here are the steps That Have to be removed to delete photograph thumbnails so your internal memory space is more spacious,

  1. Go to My Files> Device Storage
  2. On the options (three dots / hamburger icon) click “Settings”
  3. Select and activate the menu “Show hidden files” click back
  4. Find the “DCIM” folder and tap to open the folder
    Tap within a few minutes the .thumbnails folder
    Select the trash icon, tap to delete the folder.

The last idea

Setelah perangkat Anda lamban, sebaiknya gunakan fitur pemulihan untuk membantu memperbaiki masalah. Dengan cara ini, Anda dapat meningkatkan jumlah memori yang tersedia di perangkat Anda dan membuatnya dapat digunakan. Hal pertama yang harus Anda lakukan jika perangkat Anda berjalan lebih lambat dari biasanya adalah tersedia menu pengaturan. Di menu pengaturan, Anda harus memilih tab cadangan / pemulihan. Memanfaatkan fitur ini, Anda harus menyalin semua file penting yang hilang, sehingga perangkat Anda dapat berjalan dengan lancar.

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