Confessions of beautiful women who are paid to party, not always fun

Not to mention he also had to think of ways to make the party more festive. He created the game ‘Champagne and Hundreds’ where he ended up being drenched in Champagne even though he also got hundreds of dollars.

Although he can feel the glamorous life because all the luxurious facilities are covered, it is undeniable that his job as an atmospheric model makes him despised by people. Erica North hoped that they would respect her choice.

The 24-year-old woman also wants to break the notion that she often sleeps with clients or gets paid for it.

Erica’s only complaint about her job was that sometimes she didn’t sleep all weekend which left her exhausted. “I don’t want to think this job is for everyone and it’s all glamour. I’ve had three days without sleep,” she said.