Celebrity Buys a House & 2 Cars at 21, Called Rich Just Because She’s Sexy.

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Foto: Instagram @c.0214

A Taiwanese celebrity has become the talk of the town after recently showing himself buying an expensive car. The woman, known as Qingqing, did not hesitate to show off her new Porsche on social media. After being famous as an influencer, his life is getting more luxurious, and netizens think he got his fortune just because he looks sexy in Douyin.

Qingqing is a celebrity on the Chinese version of Douyin or TikTok. He can be said to be successful because he has bought a house and a car at the age of 21.

Qingqing Foto: Instagram @c.0214

Last month, Qingqing revealed that she had just bought her first house. His residence, which has four bedrooms and two living rooms, is quite spacious and luxurious, is predicted to cost NT$23 million or Rp. 11 billion.

Not only that, at a very young age, Qingqing has invested NT$1 million (Rp 567 million) to build a cafe in Taipei. Not to mention, the two new Porsche models that have just been purchased are fantastic. Qingping’s success also received the spotlight of netizens.

Qingqing Foto: Instagram @c.0214

Unfortunately, this success also invites unpleasant comments. For example, the woman who has 1.8 million followers on Instagram only relies on her sexy appearance to earn money on social media. In Douyin, the woman often presents herself with sexy clothes.

Qingqing Foto: Dok. Weibo

In an interview, Qingqing admitted that it was pretty easy for her to earn a significant income just from Douyin. Reported by 8days, the beautiful woman said that her revenue reached six to seven figures. He is estimated to pocket around NT$1 million (Rp 567 million) per month.

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