Are you suffering from fruit flies in your home? The solution is already at your home.

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fruit flies

The solution

The vacuum cleaner can be used to chase the fruit flies, but that’s just a losing battle. There are some tricks that can help you get rid fruit flies quickly. This trick is simple and will help you catch fruit flies quickly using a household ingredient. This method is much cheaper than expensive sprays and it’s just as effective. You only need a small amount of apple cider vinegar, and some dish soap. These are the ingredients you need to catch fruit fly larvae.

How it works

Add some apple cider vinegar to a bowl. Then add a generous amount of dish soap. Stir it to dissolve the dish soap in the apple cider vinegar. The mixture should be placed where fruit flies are most likely to find it. Apple cider vinegar is a strong smell that attracts fruit flies. The soap will prevent the flies getting out of their bowl. Are you a victim of fruit flies? You can then fill multiple bowls with the mixture, and place them in different areas of your house. You can get rid of annoying fruit flies in a matter of days.

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