After a week, she slept with an onion in the sock of her foot.

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onion on the shock

You may be surprised to know that an onion can do wonders in your socks.

Although it might seem strange to put an onion in your socks, you should give it a go! Onions are often associated with good food and crying while cooking. You might be surprised to know that onions can also be used for other purposes. It can be used to treat all sorts of common ailments.

Did you know that your feet’ bottoms have direct access to all your internal organs? These access points, also known as meridians in Chinese medicine, are the pathways that lead to every organ of the body. Experts estimate that about 7,000 meridians run beneath our feet and link directly to different organs. Is that possible? You might be interested in what happens if you sleep with an onion in your socks. Check out the next page.

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