A wedding day should be a happy moment for couples. But instead of being happy, this particular bride had to swallow the harsh reality of seeing her husband arrested by the police on his wedding day.

As reported by the Mirror, the incident occurred in the city of El Guabo, Ecuador. The groom, who was celebrating his wedding ceremony, was forcibly pulled out of the wedding car by the police. The unnamed groom was later arrested and taken away by the authorities.

In the viral video that has been circulating, the bride looks surprised and tries to chase after her husband. The incident immediately threw the marriage into chaos. The guests who were present were shocked and confused.

The moment of emotion, the bride chases her husband, who was arrested by the police. Photo: Eva.vn

The groom was arrested for owing child support to a woman from a previous relationship. The man previously had several children with his ex. But when they broke up, the man did not fulfill his obligations as a father.

In the video taken by the guests present, the man was escorted by the authorities to the police car. The bride screamed hysterically, asking the police officers not to take her husband. Even as the police car drove away, the bride still tried to run after him crying. She then got into another vehicle and attempted to chase the police car that was carrying her husband.

Reportedly, the man was then taken to the police station for questioning. It is not clear whether the man was later released and could continue his marriage or not.

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