Maintaining appearance is one of the demands when working as a model. However, the body size standards set in the modeling industry are now considered too excessive.

A model also revealed the difficulty of returning to photoshoots because of her weight. Already thin, the woman named Anna Gantt was asked to reduce her body size.

Anna Gantt’s video on TikTok recently went viral for revealing the dark side of the modeling profession. Anna admitted she was hurt after returning from casting because of the words of the producer and director who asked her to lose weight.

The 22-year-old woman herself did gain weight after years of living an unhealthy life.

“These are the moments that I hate as a model. Because I was never good enough and I’ve been modeling since 2014 and I started at 0/2, did editorial (magazine shoots) and runways and now I’m a size 4/6 and I’m scorned every day because I’m not a bone and I’m no longer unwell.”


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He uploaded the story for other people who want to be models to know the reality of this profession. “I see on TikTok everyone wants to work in fashion, everyone wants to be a model. I’m 5’10 (177cm). I’m healthy.

I used to suffer from eating disorders for years and finally felt confident in my size. I’ve gained 35 pounds (15 kg) over the last five years. And I look good. I’m still skinny.

“Living in this city makes you feel bad about yourself and it makes you feel like you’re not good enough and it makes you feel like you have to live an unhealthy life to be successful,” he said in the video, which has been viewed 12 million times and received over 41,000 comments.

Anna, who also works in a jewelry brand, admits that most models are skinny, not in a natural way. In the past, Anna herself often made unhealthy habits that made her not menstruate. He even shows the shape of his stomach to show how it is called less skinny.

“My belly, what’s wrong with this? They say ‘You’re not skinny enough. We want to see your bones.’ The photoshoot is still early December. You can still lose weight, “said the casting director, who annoyed him.

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