The action of a woman who wants to make her kitchen aesthetic by installing a marble sticker is viral on social media because the kitchen failed to be aesthetic after he installed the sticker.

The story was shared by the owner of the TikTok account @hafizamaira00. At first, he did not realize the motif of the marble sticker. When the sticker was neatly attached, he was surprised when he saw a white motif with a black pattern in his kitchen which he thought resembled the symbol of the devil.

“It’s not funny, it’s beautiful, the sticker image has been installed. I made an aesthetic kitchen! But it failed, you know what this picture is! This is a satanic image. Be careful, friends, especially Muslims. If you change the sticker, pay attention again. I just want to remind you. No hard feeling for those of you who like this picture,” wrote the owner of the TikTok account @hafizamaira00.

The post immediately reaped the pros and cons. However, some netizens don’t mind the sticker and thank Hafiza for creating the content.

It’s not funny, it’s already pretty, the sticker picture has been installed. ##viral ##makeoverdapur ##makeoverkamar ##makeover ##stickerdapur ##shopee ##fyp♬ original sound – Hafiza Humaira – @hafizamaira


Kan gak lucu aja, udah di cantik-cantik dipasang eh gambar stikernya ini. #viral #makeoverdapur #makeoverkamar #makeover #stickerdapur #shopee #fyp

♬ original sound – Hafiza Humaira – @hafizamaira

“INFLUENCE IS NOT IN FAITH, but it’s like getting used to negative things even though it’s just a picture, but the vibration has an aura that’s also not good,” said the @thrift by your account.

“Don’t think it’s a normal thing because their goal is to get us used to trivial things like that,” said @noname.

“This is a very clear pattern. Thank you for reminding me,” said the @tuckticktack account.

“Really, Sis, it’s not just a wallpaper, but they want to make us familiar with the symbols,” said the account @Fireflies.

“Many comments “depend on faith,” the problem is not there but indeed that is the goal of satanist propaganda so that we are made accustomed to the instruments of identities,” replied the account @Rezzo Interior.

“Oh my gosh, this is very clear.. I agree with you, you have to be more careful before buying anything,” shocked the @ampratama account.

“Depends on your faith, wow, you know how the devil affects humans slowly with trivial things like pictures that look so trivial. Thanks for reminding me,” replied the @Hansirang account.

“Let’s just say that the pattern is a coincidence.. as long as we don’t believe it, we don’t need to change it.. in my opinion, but yeah,” suggested the account @Arif Prayogo.

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