There is a unique idea to capture the moment of marriage to be remembered for life, like this bridal couple who chose paraded by using Bulldozer.

A journalist’s Twitter account initially uploaded the video in Pakistan @Ghulamabbassshah. His upload showed the bridal couple who stood on the bulldozer loader. As quoted from Cartoq, the event was held in the Hunza Valley, Pakistan.

“Video Viral Marriage Adventure in the Pakistani Hunza Valley,” Write a Twitter account @Ghulamabbasshah.

Viral bride couples who are paraded using Bulldozer. Photo: Doc. Twitter @Ghulamabbasshah


In the uploaded video, there are two large seats or sofas placed for the newlywed. But they chose to stand without wearing a seat belt on Bulldozer. Besides that, there are some people in the Bulldozer driver’s cabin.

Being a bridal vehicle, Bulldozer is decorated with flowers and other decorations. The bridal action used by Bulldozer also made people around feel amazed.

Meanwhile, friends and family to welcome the bride seemed enthusiastic about receiving the procession. And when Bulldozer arrived at the wedding location, the two brides were immediately greeted by fireworks.

At the viral moment, it looks bride and groom are wearing Lehenga, a traditional Pakistani wedding dress decorated with gold ribbon embroidery and paste crystals in all parts.

These posts have been watched more than 3.2 thousand views that are invaded by Warganet comments. Netizens have praised and congratulated the happy brides.

“Unique marriage,” said Twitter user @nagardipanshu.

“Interesting event, I like that,” Amazed @ Sangeet37560636 account.

“Congratulations,” said account @ anantku95630446.

“The hat used by the groom is suitable for this adventure wedding,” Saut account @vmgrkannan.

“The lucky man gets a good and beautiful woman,” said account @ nat17990949baij.

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