Untrained Muscle Can Be Fat, Myth or Fact?

There is a myth that says muscle can turn into fat when a person stops his exercise routine. As a result, the slender and toned body can turn fat, sagging, and sagging. Is this myth true? Before answering, you should first read the facts below.

Fat & Muscle Are Different

Apples can’t turn into oranges, nor will oranges ever turn into apples. Likewise with muscle and fat are two different things. Means that muscle can’t and won’t turn to fat once you stop exercising. The reason is simple because the human physical condition will not ‘allow’ it.

Muscles Can Shrink, But Not Become Fat

If you stop exercising suddenly and don’t exercise at all, your muscles may shrink or shrink, but they won’t turn into fat. But keep in mind, overeating that is not balanced with exercise will cause fat accumulation, and before you know it, the body has become heavier and wider. Remember carefully. These changes are not due to the muscle that is transformed into fat.

When a person stops the physical activity, the muscles will return to their original size before being formed by exercise. The longer you take a break from training, the smaller your muscles will be. A false myth developed and became popular because when a person stops exercising, he eats more. This condition makes many people think that muscle has the potential to turn into fat that is fattening.

“When you stop exercising, muscle mass will decrease while fat tissue increases. The good news is, if you want to start exercising again, muscle mass will increase again and fat accumulation will decrease, so this is not a permanent effect,” said fitness trainer Arnav Sarkar, as quoted from Health Me Up.

Fitness expert Wanitha Ashok, according to her, muscle turning into fat is just a myth. People who stop exercising their muscles will lose firmness, become loose, and the body looks fat. Please make exercise part of a lifestyle that is useful for maintaining fitness and beautifying the body. By making exercise a lifestyle, you too will do it sustainably and never stop.

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