Stress and depression triggered this different four-year-old pair’s divorce in 2019. Two years passed, Chen thought a lot about his marriage which ran aground, and tried self-introspection.

Chen Zhenfeng, a man from China, asked to refer to the heart of the seriously ill wife. Photo: Doc. World of Buzz

Until finally, he contacted his ex-wife to ask about the situation. That’s when this 39-year-old man knows that Xie is sick. He also routinely visited him at the hospital.

As soon as you know that Xie wasn’t married again and saw her pale face, Chen invited him to refer to him. Xie rejected the offer because he did not want to burden Chen with a hospital bill that was not a small number. But Chen insisted on waiting for Xie and accompanied her healing.

Meanwhile, Xie’s condition is known to be getting worse. Kidney damage affects his vision. When interviewed by local media, Xie even said it could not distinguish whether a reporter covered it a man or woman.

Persistence Chen paid off. Xie finally agreed to refer and stay back with him. Chen’s words to Xie made him touched.

“Even though you can’t see anymore, I can be your eyes. Don’t cry. I’m willing to donate my kidney even if it reduces some of my age, and you can live longer,” Chen said.

“I have to be responsible and will accompany my wife until the end of life,” he continued.

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