Divorce did not prevent this man from still paying attention to his ex-wife. A man from China asked his marriage status to be restored to be able to take care of the former who was seriously ill.

Chen Zhenfeng from Henan, China, requested to refer as he knew his ex-wife had kidney disease. The 35-year-old woman suffered from Uremia, final stadium kidney disease, where the kidneys could no longer disarray poisons from urine.

Chen Zhenfeng begged his wedding to be restored to be more accessible and intensely cared for Xie Hongxia, the ex-wife. It is the story of their emotion as reported by 8World.

About eight years ago, Chen Zhenfeng met Xie Hongxia. Both of them immediately fell in love at first glance and decided to date.

After several months of love, Chen and Xie inaugurated their relationship in the wedding band. The household was fine at the beginning of the wedding but got a test when Xie twice had a miscarriage.

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