5 Best Makeup Looks for Party Events and to Office – Every woman wants to look beautiful at all times. Wearing makeup is one of the keys. However, did you know that not all makeup looks are suitable for application in various events?

You can’t possibly wear super thick makeup with colorful eyeshadow to the office. On the other hand, you certainly don’t want to look pale at a party. So that you don’t get it wrong and be labeled as lazy, let’s peek at the inspiration for makeup looks that you can imitate for the following days and party events!

5. Natural Makeup for Work

Best Makeup Looks for Party Events and to Office : Natural Makeup for Work

When going to the office, avoid wearing too flashy makeup. We recommend that you choose a more natural makeup style. Most importantly, you look fresh and stay professional. Instead of using foundation, you can apply a lighter cushion on the face.

Next, complete the makeup with natural color eyeshadow, such as nude and brown. Complete the makeup with lipstick that is not too bright to create a simple but charming look. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer so that your facial skin doesn’t dry out because you’ve been in an air-conditioned room for too long.

4. Night Party Makeup Look

When going to a party, you certainly want to give maximum style, right? For those of you who want to look different, try applying bold eye makeup. Use an aggressive variety of eyeshadow colors, but on the other hand, still, accentuate the impression of elegance and luxury. For example, liquid eyeshadow with shimmer or glitter accents.

To balance the shimmer and glitter effects, you no longer need to use an eyeliner too thick. Curl the eyelashes until they are curled, then apply an appropriate amount of mascara on the top and bottom. As for lipstick, red or berry colors are the best options!

3. Makeup to Family Gathering

Makeup Looks for Party Events

Going to a family gathering with your family, you should wear simple makeup. You can try the no-makeup makeup look, which some time ago had become a trend. This look emphasizes the use of light makeup to make it look natural.

Instead of foundation, it is better to apply concealer to cover the ‘sins’ in several face areas. These include darkening under the eyes or acne scars. Then, complete the makeup look by choosing colors that tend to be neutral, such as nude for the eye and lip areas.

2. Basic Makeup for Everyday

Makeup Looks for Party Events

For everyday makeup, you are advised to return to basic makeup. Yes, this look emphasizes basic makeup. The key is in using a thin foundation or cushion.

Furthermore, so that the face looks fresh, you can shape and tidy up the eyebrows. As for the lips, apply lip gloss, both transparent and colored. Effortlessly beautiful!

1. Prom Night Makeup

Makeup Looks for Party Events

Prom night is supposed to be a fun and memorable moment. So it’s not surprising that many women want to look their best on that night. You can choose to go bold for the prom night look, aka appearing bolder with heavy makeup. The key is in choosing strong makeup colors.

Or, you can also follow the current trend, which is more towards pastel makeup. But to be more glamorous, apply glitter to complete the eye makeup. Do not miss the highlighter in several areas of the face, namely the nose bridge, cupid’s bow, and cheekbone.

That’s 5 Best Makeup Looks for Party Events and to Office

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