Fake cream effect, this woman struggles with acne until she eats House Lizard

Having healthy and beautiful facial skin is a dream for every woman. Various ways were taken to get maximum results.

But you should not be tempted by creams that offer fast and glowing results. In the story of this one woman, she uses fake cream instead. And now he’s an acne fighter because of the effects of using these counterfeit creams.

Putri Navisya Aulia Hendiyani often shares her experiences through her social media accounts as an acne fighter. “I usually upload content about my skin journey from the start. The treatment I do, the progress of my acne, I hope this content can accompany my friends who are also acne fighters so they don’t feel alone,” said Putri.

Fake Cream Effect

This woman who lives in Cirebon revealed that she started getting spotty after using fake cream. At that time, he did not know any education about facial care.

“I was spotty since middle school around 2013, but my worst acne started when I was a freshman because of fake creams. Before, I didn’t know about skincare, didn’t understand what my skin needed at the time, so I’ve been eating advertisements and their effects until now,” he said.

Putri realized that she had used fake cream after the skin on her face appeared inflamed pimples. And he admits that he regrets being tempted by the low price offer.

“Basically, I buy it from close people, such as creams in general, which can wash my face, toner, morning cream, night cream, irritant cream, and acne lotion. The price is around Rp. 200 thousand,” he said.

Putri also began to realize that the cream was fake because her face suddenly caused a reaction. He felt hot and sore on his face.

“Initially I knew it was fake cream, my face felt sore and hot. There were a lot of red spots too, every time the seller asked, there was no response. The cream turned dark black after I took it off for 3-4 months. with a price of Rp. 5,000 thousand. From there, I took everything off, started to breakout and all the pimples came out,” he recalls.

To cure acne due to using fake cream, Putri is desperate to eat house lizards.
The third of four children explain the treatment he does. He was taken to the hospital.

“Of course I’ve had a lot of treatments. When I found out I was a victim of fake creams, I was immediately rushed to the hospital to check with the SPKK doctor, I spent all my savings on curing acne. But to no avail. I tried to find a clinic, find another doctor and look for other ways too. I once dared to eat lizards to cure my acne,” he regrets.

Putri is often bullied because of acne.
In addition to battling acne, Putri also gets bullied by her friends for having acne. And what makes her heart sad, Putri is called far from a soul mate because of her appearance.

“I often get negative comments, some even say that my acne is a cursed pimple because it doesn’t go away,” he said.

At first, Putri could only be silent and resigned to the scathing comments. But now, he has made peace with himself.

“In the past I couldn’t face their comments, I would have cried. But now I don’t care what they say about my acne, I don’t want to torture myself by thinking about unimportant comments,” said Putri.
Being an acne fighter and often sharing her story of overcoming acne, Putri is also popular on social media. He has more than 26,000 followers on his Instagram. She is considered to be an inspiration to other women.

“I know for sure right now it’s really difficult for you. I know how hard it is to find the right product, it’s hard to save for healing. I know it must be very difficult for you to deal with comments about acne. Be patient, don’t give yourself a chance to be sad. an opportunity for them to comment on your struggle to cure acne. Cheer up, I really believe that those who are currently struggling with acne will definitely recover,” said Putri’s message to you fellow acne fighters.

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