3. Morning sickness is stronger

Pregnancy with twins can mean higher hormone levels. That way, pregnant hormones will produce higher nausea. Most women with twin pregnancies need to undergo morning sickness for 12 or 14 weeks.

Even so, not all women with twin pregnancies have high Morning Sickness. Some cases don’t feel it at all.

4. The twins can start bonding in the uterus

Twins allow the similarities in themselves. It is because, since the womb, they have established a bond. Italian researchers studied several twin pairs before birth and found this interaction and bond beginning even before dawn.

Every twin child is unique, but their attachments have been built longer since the womb.

5. It takes more calories and nutrients

By containing twins, that means you need more calories and nutrients. You need around 300 extra calories per day for a single pregnancy. While for twin pregnancies, you need about 500-600 extra calories per day.

Want or be a twin pregnancy? Extra carefully!

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