World Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo announced, his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez was pregnant. Not just one baby, but twins!

“With pleasure to announce that we expect twins. Our hearts are full of love, we can’t wait to meet you #Blessed,” Ronaldo said in his Instagram account on Thursday (28/10/2021).

For some people, a twin pregnancy is something enjoyable. Imagine you can have two very similar babies at the same time!

Quoted from Belly Belly, this is eight facts about pregnancy twins that we need to know:

1. There are two types of twins

Twins are divided into two types, brotherhood and identical. For twin brotherhood or fraternal twins is the result of two fertilized separate eggs. Some women release more than one egg as long as ovulation, producing two fertilized embryos.

Meanwhile, identical twins result from one embryo that divides into two babies. Identical twins are rare, with only 1 out of 250 pregnancies. In addition, identical twins have the same DNA.

2. The twins are genetic

For identical twins, there are no known causes. But for fraternal twins, that means you inherit the twin genes. If there are family members who have twins, there is a possibility that you inherit the twin genes.

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