Chrissy Teigen performs an unusual beauty procedure. She did an eyebrow graft to make it bolder and bolder.

In an explanation on her Instagram, Chrissy admitted that she was lazy to use makeup. Makes him want to have thick eyebrows so that they still look dramatic even without makeup.

“I never wear makeup if I can avoid it. So I’m really excited for this eyebrow transplant surgery. They take hair from your head,” explained John Legend’s wife.

The eyebrow graft procedure turned out to be quite expensive. As quoted from People, eyebrow grafts or eyebrow transplants cost the US $ 4 thousand to US $ 7 thousand.

A plastic surgeon from New York, Dr. Yael Halaas. Disclose. According to the doctor, the best part of an eyebrow transplant is taken from the back of the head.

“Transplanted scalp hair will continue to grow, unlike natural eyebrow hair which can ‘die’ naturally. So new eyebrow hair needs to be trimmed and treated more often, explains Dr. Yael.

This cosmetic procedure is surgical, but eyebrow graft is a minor operation. “We use local anesthesia and the patient can still wake up listening to music,” said Dr. Yael.

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