Aged musician Sting stays fit and has a muscular build despite the age of seven. What’s the secret?

The answer is, of course, regular exercise. Recently on a personal TikTok account, Sting revealed his favourite ritual to get a flat stomach.

The post shows the 70-year-old singer lying on the floor doing crunches. “It’s making my stomach flat and hard,” said Sting. He then motivated his followers by saying, “You can do it too.”

Sting was seen wearing a long-sleeved shirt and black jeans and matching boots. “You like my boots?” said the former member of the Police band.

“Sting lets us watch him practice with every breath he takes,” joked one fan, referring to his song, ‘Every Breath I Take.’

The singer, whose real name is Gordon Matthew Thomas, once revealed that he is a yogi. Yoga gives him peace of mind and makes his body stronger.

On one occasion, Sting once said that yoga, like music, is a long journey that will continue to grow and must be learned and has a huge impact on the creative process.

Outside of yoga, the singer who won 15 Grammy Awards is also very concerned about his food. He was on a macrobiotic diet.

In this diet, Sting eats many types of grains combined with vegetables and avoids processed foods that are preservatives, reducing meat consumption.

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